You Forgot to Wear your PPE, What could go Wrong?

People often underestimate the importance of safety on the work place, Railway PPE were designed to protect workers from day to day injuries. However, some employees would rather avoid wearing any kind of protection since it can reduce their mobility.

Safety is not to be taken lightly and people do not seem to realize how exposed to risks they actually are. There is a large list of possible injuries a worker could suffer but some of the most common are:

Hearing Loss

Factories and construction sites are noisy places thanks to the power tools that are used regularly. If employees do not wear proper protection they could lose their hearing partially or completely.

The ear is a delicate organ and being exposed to loud sounds for long periods of time has severe consequences. Some of the possible results are sensitivity to sounds, a permanent ringing on the ear, constant pain and vertigo if the inner ear gets damaged.


Did you know that even a grain of sand could damage the human eye? On workplaces there are several materials that are worse than sand. The risk increases when the workers must manipulate chemicals.

The burns caused by chemicals could result on partial blindness and other kind of painful injuries that could be irreversible.

Chronic Diseases

Employees that are constantly exposed to chemicals are at risk of developing diseases such as skin cancer. It is not uncommon for factory workers to retire after being diagnosed with a disease. Other mutations could happen and sometimes diseases keep showing on future generations.

Physical Injuries

If employees refrain from using the proper footwear they could suffer from electrocution and the loss of toes if any kind of heavy material falls on them. Railway PPE contemplates these possible scenarios and workers receive security boots made of rubber or models that are reinforced on the front and heels.

Safety should be the number one priority for both employers and employees. Next time you think about complaining about how slow you work while wearing gloves, remember the permanent consequences it could have.